Physio for the People 
is anchored in helping
you get back to doing
the things you love,
ultimately improving
your quality of life. 




You experience the world through your body – movement is the basis for almost everything useful you do. You've landed on Physio for the People because you may have come across obstacles while navigating the riddles of your body or the number of injuries has piled up over the years. Still feeling confused even after seeking for help? You’ve tried everything but the body continues to feel funky.

You notice your body doesn't move the same after an injury or old surgery. That nagging back or hip ache hasn’t disappeared. The shoulder doesn't lift the way it did. Feeling unbalanced after an ankle/foot injury? You are thinking movement doesn’t feel quite right – the activities you use to do are now effortful or painful.

No matter if you are training for your next race or the change to your body after a sport injury, trauma, car accident, surgery, etc – we can help you reach your potential. Physio for the People is anchored in helping you get back to doing the things you love, ultimately improving your quality of life. Let us be your go to for all things physical movement and function – we’re all about centering the care for you and giving what you want.




I just want to create a positive experience in healthcare.
a positive experience
for people in their bodies.

Physio for the People was designed for you, the people, and the community. 

Healthcare can be a confusing, timely, and non-personal experience – complaining gets us nowhere, so we took the leap into the unknown to organically design something better, poke fun at the current system and inspire others to change. Physio for the People has been created for anyone looking for a refreshing hands-on experience. Giving people what they need, an individual 1-on-1 service instead of an industrialized experience. We are proud to be different and the 2014 Patients’ Choice Award represents our culture.

Physio for the People started as a concept for playful exploration to rethink the touchpoints of a typical Physiotherapy visit. From the experience of booking your appointment online, to the whole body assessment & treatment, to the design and soulful music of the space – we’re always thinking about how we can be better. We understand everyone’s story is different, so are the solutions. Connecting with our clients is key to us, we offer longer visits which means you have more high-quality time with your Physiotherapist. Let us help you navigate to a body and lifestyle that feels good. 


& Services

Each client’s story is unique and so are the solutions –
we will help you navigate the riddles of your body.

Expect all sessions to be 1-on-1. We prefer a hands-on approach, so you wont expect to find any machines here. 



We craft a multimodal approach focused to bring you a meaningful experience. Each client’s story is unique and so are the solutions – we are skilled to assess the body from a whole and multilayer angle. Expect us to help demystify your body and guide you through the steps you should take to keep it happy. We only provide 1-on-1 hands-on sessions, so you wont expect to find any machines here.





there is no better
way to accelerate
learning than
to push your
everyday thinking. 




I think in everyone’s life they face a moment that completely changes them. For me, one of those moments was a car accident that nearly took my life. The journey of figuring out the healthcare system, what worked and what didn’t work, in attempt to heal my own body has made me the physiotherapist I am today. My talent is rooted in solving complex problems created within the body by discovering the root cause, rather than ‘fixing’ superficially. I find myself comfortable moving between the traditional ways of practicing Physiotherapy and my own unique style when traditional thinking is not working. 

I think what separates me from others is my willingness to innovate optimal healing experiences for people and to design a better healthcare experience. I understand for some people what I represent is refreshing to hear, for others, you are more interested in my academia background and credentials. I studied at the University of British Columbia’s Bachelors of Human Kinetics and Masters of Physical Therapy program. I received the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia Leadership Award of my graduating class in celebration of my go-getting efforts. I am humbled to work with world-class mentors – there is no better way to accelerate learning than to push your everyday thinking. I have extensive experience applying my creativity with Team Canada in a number of sports including Snowboarding and Athletics. My craft has organically evolved to include manual therapy, dry needling/acupuncture, cranial & visceral release and specific exercises.  

Being a physiotherapist is an incredible honor. My passion has always been working with high level athletes and individuals who have been let down by the healthcare system. I am constantly learning and seeking new ways to create something better – to shift how healthcare is traditionally delivered. Outside of the clinic, my life is split with my community of game changers in San Francisco where I am finishing my MBA in Design Strategy. Much of my design decisions and inspiration comes from San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Zurich, and Amsterdam. The confluence of all my experience makes me better at what I do.

Tony Gui 
Physiotherapist + Design Strategist



I remember having this quote posted on my wall. I looked at it everyday berfore I went to the clinic.




Traditional environments were designed to reinforce linear problem solving. Neuroscientists have explored how environments influence us, often in ways we barely perceive. The design of the space helps us create the most positive multisensory experience for you. Let’s move away from the white walls of tradition and bring a sense of authenticity and cool to healthcare and physiotherapy.








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We offer online scheduling and direct emailing access. We enjoy building more personalized relationships, which means you have longer high quality 1-on-1 time with your Physiotherapist.

We accept Cash, Cheque, Visa and Mastercard. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours notice or do not show up you will be charged the full cost of your booked appointment.